Yes, that’s right mobile usability will become a major factor with website rankings. In our mobile usabilitynewsletter issues; get yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the Internet Marketing world. CopyCat Media, offers this information for free and would never charge to give you this great piece of information on a monthly basis.

Our February newsletter is exciting and it has a lot going on. Did you know that Twitter  has started it’s group direct messages? Now you can include up to 20 members in a group chat. You’ll be able to share tweets, show emoji and after all just be yourself.  This all can be started with your followers – how cool is that? See for yourself on Twitter  and we’ll talk more about this in our newsletter.

Mobile usability will be the future; how it will affect you and your website? How can you use Twitter to help you with your brand?  Very exciting stuff in this issue.

There is a big difference between Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.  Which do you feel is better for you?  Learn the differences between the two and how they can help your band.

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