WordPress security is very important to your site especially when hackers often target WordPress sites, which places your site and information in a exposed state, unless you take some extra steps and precautions to protect your WordPress site. Hacked websites could have you banned from Google searches and loss of customers or visitors.


Here are 5 simple tips that you can do to improve the security of your WordPress site.


#1 – Create a unique username – Don’t just log in with the admin username, make sure you create something that is unique to you and is difficult for others to guess. In order to do this you’ll have to remove the “admin” user and change to “subscriber.”

#2 – Add a password to the Admin Dashboard – Adding a password to the dashboard will require a hacker to get through two passwords, instead of just one. When you create a password, use capitalization, numbers and special symbols. Don't use the same password for different login points.

#3 – Back up your site – Having a backup of your site protects you from losing your site. AFC Hosting  offers daily backups when you sign up for our services.

#4 – Regular WorkPress & Plugins Updates – Don’t ignore regular updates for your site. Hackers are more likely to break through old codes that have not been updated.

#5 – Remove default WordPress Source Code – Automatically when you create a WordPress site, the source code is automatically created. Hackers are able to get a list of blogs using certain source codes. Remove it through admin settings and add the following code: remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);


Protecting your WordPress site is one of the most important things you can do. If you have questions, please contact our highly trained specialists.

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